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Google Cloud Professional Architect: Get Certified 2022




8hr 17min


About the Course

Get started in one of the most challenging and rewarding careers, cloud architecture. Cloud architects are in high demand and they are some of the top paid certified professionals.

Architects must have broad technical knowledge spanning compute, storage, networking, data analysis, software engineering, security, and DevOps. And that's not all -- architects must know how to work with sponsors, end users, and subject matter experts to define requirements and create a technical framework for developers, network engineers, data modelers, and other technical experts.

This course is designed and developed by the author of the official Google Cloud Professional Architect exam guide and an architect with decades of experience in systems design, software engineering, data architecture and machine learning. This course combines lectures with quizzes to ensure you understand the full breadth of the Google Cloud Professional Architect exam, including:

  • Compute services including Compute Engine, App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, and Cloud Functions

  • Storage services like Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Firestore, Bigtable, BigQuery

  • Data pipeline and analytic services, such as Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Data Fusion, Cloud Datproc, and Vertex AI

  • Networking services from Cloud Router and Cloud NAT to Private Service Connect and Data Loss Prevention Service

  • Migrating to the cloud and migration strategies

  • Security, from access controls and policies to regulations and compliance

This course is designed to not only help you pass the Google Cloud Professional Architect exam but too also succeed as an architect. Learn how to think through architecture challenges, assess various options, balance business, and technical requirements, and deliver highly scalable, reliable, and efficient systems.

The course includes a 50 question practice exam that will test your knowledge of data engineering concepts and help you identify areas you may need to study more.

By the end of this course, you will be ready to use Google Cloud services to design, deploy and monitor applications, deploy advanced data management systems, design networks to support hybrid computing, ensure streamlined operations in the cloud, migrate workloads to the cloud, and much more.

Your Instructor

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan

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